V7R2-testing for iOS on IBM i by the experts at IT Solutions Group

May we suggest you test your Disaster Recovery plan in the same project you test V7R2? We are expert providers of high availability, disaster recovery, HA, DR services for Fortune 500 clients.

In the process you are essentially recovering your system from a disaster by restoring your save 21 to our system.

Take full advantage of this process and document the recovery efforts.  For many businesses this is becoming an audit point.

You send us your tape and we load it into our iSeries.  With the provided SSL connections you will connect into the console for the system we have provided you. You restore your system and validate your recovery.

You can then perform the V7R2 upgrade from the image catalog we load on your system.



  • This process does not affect your production environment
  • Allows you to identify potential issues ahead of time
  • Permits documentation of your upgrade times and procedures
    Validate applications work at V7R2
  • Permits documentation of your backup and recovery procedures

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