The IBM Power i Secret That Can Save You Time and Money … and Help You Rest Easy

A company’s greatest asset is their business data. A company needs to house and manage this data in an environment that offers outstanding benefits and protection. Otherwise, an unavoidable disaster, like fire, earthquake, vandalism, storm, flood, theft, human error, or program or hardware failure, can cripple any company — small or large. One system that enables companies to thrive is the IBM i system and its backup capabilities.

According to IBM, over 150,000 companies in more than 115 countries around the world use the IBM i system to run their business applications. The IBM i system is one of the most reliable and resilient systems in the world.

Saving the information on your IBM i system requires some discipline. It is critical that you back up your data regularly. You may not be prepared to recover from a site loss or certain types of failures if you do not regularly save everything. So what should your business do to back up its important data while still maximizing business productivity?

A simple backup strategy for your IBM i system is using the Save Menu and Option 21 of the GO SAVE command. Doing this manually requires a restricted system, a dedicated person, and time. The process is generally performed after business hours or on weekends. Performing an Option 21 save uses a new feature in the IBM i5 operating system (OS) that saves you time and money. Additionally, it allows your company to rest easy knowing that your entire IBM i system can now be backed up regularly (with no excuses).

To make this helpful feature even better, we want to tell you this IBM Power i Operating System secret: you do not have to manually do an Option 21 full system save anymore. You would only monitor the process until it is completed.

Using the IBM Power i Operating System, and QCTL, controlling subsystem, you can automatically be put QCTL into a restrictive state from the job queue. Then, automatic Option 21 saves can be scheduled in advanced.

This is HUGE, as you can just schedule the full Option 21 system save on the batch job scheduler, shut off the lights, lock the doors, and go home. Come in the next morning or after the weekend, and the full system save will be done! This means Option 21, full system saves can be done regularly, automatically, and unattended with no human effort ensuring the full protection of your business data assets.

IT Solutions Group (ITSG) understands what it takes to create and install the automatic Option 21 Save procedure. ITSG can help your company set up the IBM Control Language (CL) procedure. Afterwards, we will test it with your company to ensure its integration and success on your IBM i system.

On average, this setup and install process will take a half day and save you not only time and money but allow YOU and YOUR COMPANY to rest assured that ALL of your data is backed up and available in the event of ANY disaster!

To learn more about this important IBM i feature and start saving your company time and money, reach out to IT Solutions Group today!