Thank You IBM i CBU

Need Help Selling Your Management on HA for IBM Power System i?

IT Solutions Group has been selling and implementing High Availability solutions for the IBM Power System i since 2001. Most of our dialog is with Systems Operators, System Administrators and IT Managers.  One comment I hear all the time is “HA is too expensive”.  Or to put it another way, “C” Level management does not know the true cost of an HA solution.  Not to mention the risk associated with data loss.  At ITSG, we like to educate the client so they have an arsenal of information to present to management.

Thanks to the IBM i CBU program High Availability has never been more affordable.  At the time of this publication, The IBM i CBU with PowerHA solution combines the strengths of IBM Power Systems, IBM i, PowerHA SystemMirror for i 7.1 and CBU Editions. When the CBU and PowerHA for IBM i are purchased together, you are entitled to a Service Voucher good for three days of services applied toward the architecture, setup and install of your new cluster infrastructure.  For North American customers, there is also an affiliated rebate up to $2,500 when purchasing a new secondary CBU i server with one PowerHA processor license.  At ITSG, we do a free assessment of the client’s current Disaster Recovery procedures. Then we inform them of what solution is best for them, both technically and financially using Hardware or Logical (software) replication.

BCI or BII (Business Continuance or Business Interruption Insurance)

And if this is not enough to spark management interest, contact your Business insurance company to understand their BCI/BII policy.  Insurance companies know that your company’s data is your most valuable asset.  Discuss your intentions with them about implementing a High Availability solution. Since you are reducing their risk, most likely they will reduce your premiums.

These savings could give you the budget to fund an HA project.  A president once said to me, “If my building is gone so is my business.”  Not true. Buildings and data centers can be rebuilt, your data is priceless.  Your data is money.  Your receivables for instance are a valuable asset.  If protected with an HA solution, they will be safe, secure and offsite, giving you access to needed receivables (cash) to rebuild your business.

Don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed by the prospect of developing a business continuity plan for your IBM Power System i.  Be prepared!!!

Each year, thousands of businesses and organizations are affected by man-made and natural disasters.  Fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, explosions, winter storms and earthquakes cause extensive damage and disrupt the ability to operate. It has been estimated that over 40% of businesses closed by a catastrophe or disaster never reopen.

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