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IBM’s Power HA System Mirror, the Whole Truth


Pete Mayhew shows the easy and reliability of IBM Power HA Change Primary and Failover.

Many Logical Replication vendors will say  IBM’s Power HA is very expensive and difficult to implement.  This is simply not true.   This webinar will show some of the simple change management processes used to implement PowerHA.  It is a cost effective solution with low day to day management, perfect for the small to medium business.  Whether you are using internal disk or IBM SAN technology, PowerHA is the most affordable and easy to manage High Availability product on the market today.  If you are new to High Availability for your IBM I or just frustrated with your current solution, this webinar is a must to see.

Benefit of i-Hosting-i

SMB clients with internal storage can take advantage of a unique PowerHA implementation utilizing i-hosting-i technology. In this implementation, the OS runs as a partition hosted by another partition. The OS is placed into a network server storage space, which is created in an IASP. The entire system is replicated to the backup in real time.


i-Hosting-i with Power HA