Switch to IBM® PowerHA for i and Pocket $5,000 Rebate from IT Solutions Group

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Superior Systems Resiliency Made Easy with “Accelerate and Celebrate” Promotion

IT Solutions Group (ITSG), Clermont, FL, is ready to get you in the fast lane of cutting-edge HA/DR functionality on IBM System i while freeing you from the encumbrance of questionable practices and yesterday’s technology. It’s all part of ITSG’s “Accelerate and Celebrate Promotion,” designed to put big cash into your pocket and peace of mind into your workday.

The 2017 shadow of rampaging fires, hurricane flooding and security disruptions is enough to trigger widespread anxiety among C-level executives and system administrators tasked with the responsibility to keep IBM i Systems highly available and isolated from any disaster — including human error.

Service Level Agreements, supply-chain obligations, regulatory compliance, customer loyalty and the growing concern of simply keeping your business alive all advocate for zero tolerance of systems downtime and any loss of data.

But what are you doing to ensure that RPO/RTO goals align with your operations? Moreover, how easy, muscular and reliable — not to mention affordable — is your HA/DR solution? If you’re relying on logical replication from some suppliers, maybe now is the time to leverage the functionality and benefits of IBM PowerHA for i. ITSG, a Silver IBM Business Partner with nearly two decades of experience in HA/DR deployment, can provide best-for-you advice on hardware-replication applicability as well as roadmap a solution overhaul that perfectly aligns with your requirements, capitalizes on IBM support, dramatically reduces management time, assures seamless failover and reduces expense. Plus, for a limited time, ITSG will rebate $5,000, upon implementation, to any organization, big or small, that switches from a specified logical-replication solution to PowerHA for i. If all that were not enough, ITSG will also provide a FREE HA/DR assessment, valued at $1,000, of your IBM environment as part of this stunning grade-up offering.

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Do any of these logical-replication issues sound familiar?


Financial Wallop with Server Upgrade

If you want to step up from an IBM Power7 server to a Power8 server, for example, you could get hit with exorbitant transfer costs relative to new key generation. With IBM PowerHA for i, the transfer cost is zero.


Failover that Fails

Smooth and reliable failover, a critical automated function in logical replication, is dependent upon careful, insightful software-to-system configuration. With some logical-replication suppliers, configuration is performed at the business-partner level, but business partners, in general, do not have the depth of knowledge to execute this action with precision, leaving your business exposed and subject to potential failover problems. With IBM PowerHA for i, failover problems are virtually non-existent, a testimony to IBM’s support in setup from the get-go.


Performance Hit Using the Audit Journal

The system Audit Journal on IBM i was designed and optimized for system security purposes only. Harvesting audit journals for HA, as do some logical-replication solutions, means jobs are running on the source system, causing CPU-utilization concerns. Furthermore, latency in harvesting the Audit Journal can cause serious object locks on production jobs, and audit runtime can be calculated in hours, if not days. IBM PowerHA for i does not require the Audit Journal, providing leaner CPU utilization and keeping source-to-target replication quick and clean.


Maintenance Overload and Lost Dollars

You want your IT staff to put a creative foot forward, looking for ways to utilize advanced technology to help build revenue coffers. The day-to-day inefficiencies and maintenance issues associated with most logical-replication solutions — out-of-sync conditions, file locks, heavy cycles of processing power — can keep some of your best minds diverted from company growth. To make matters worse, you might be paying the solution provider steep “managed services” fees to ameliorate issues that shouldn’t be prevalent in the first place. You are not looking for an MSP relationship; you are looking for a near-autonomous solution for data protection and systems availability. IBM PowerHA for i was designed for near “set it and forget” functionality, taking little or no time to manage. Over the long run, it is considerably less expensive than most logical-replication solutions and its hardware-replication mirroring functionality affords rapid, clean synchronization between source and target systems. It’s a proven better choice.

There are no gimmicks or hidden extras involved in ITSG’s “Accelerate and Celebrate Promotion.” It is offered only to organizations running specified logical-replication solutions. The program is designed to help organizations improve their HA/DR solution by implementing better technology, reducing manual intervention, lowering cost, and improving scalability and flexibility — all while building no-downtime confidence.

The program carries a qualifying licensing deadline of April 30, 2018, and applies to companies in North America and the Caribbean exclusively.

To initiate dialog with ITSG, please click the red button below, or call 1-888-223-6741.

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About IT Solutions Group, Inc. (ITSG) — Guided by President/CEO Matt Staddler, a widely acknowledged expert in High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) technology on IBM® platforms, ITSG is headquartered in Clermont, FL. The firm has advanced-technology data centers (SSAE 16) in Orlando and suburban Chicago. An IBM Silver Business Partner and reseller of Maxava HA/DR software, Help Systems RobotHA and IBM PowerHA for i, ITSG is a recognized leader in North America and the Caribbean for installation of many HA/DR solutions on IBM i (Power Systems, AS/400, iSeries), boasting highly successful deployments with SMB as well as Fortune 100 companies in 38 of the 48 contiguous states. Service offerings include DR assessment and testing, real-time replication (logical replication), system roleswaps and failovers, IBM PowerHA for i (rapid system mirroring) and cloud-based/virtualized environments. With ITSG “there is no upside to downtime.” For more information: www.itsolutions-group.com or call 1-888-223-6741.