Maxava HA for IBM I

The veteran high availability technicians at IT Solutions Group have installed and supported every IBM i high availability and disaster recovery solution on the market. After years of experience, Maxava is our logical replication disaster recovery and high availability solution of choice.

IBM i High Availability topology

This top-flight HA solution delivers business data continuity unlike any other disaster recovery software solution available. It integrates seamlessly with any IBM i (i Series, AS/400) system, using the system functionality you already have in place. It makes data recovery possible in real-time, with real-time mobile device monitoring functionality built-in standard. The end result? Your team will know the second that any part of your business data or process functionality goes down. Thanks to its high-powered automatic data replication, you will be able to completely restore your system instantly.

Maxava offers scalability for any size operation, from small business data replication and recovery and home-developed IBM i applications to full enterprise-level monitoring and backup. Whatever your needs, Maxava will give you the critical data control and peace of mind it takes to put defensive business strategies on the back burner and, instead, focus your energies where they belong, on growing your business.


Recover Data Quickly and Responsively

Due to its breakthrough and user-oriented development, Maxava provides unparalleled ease of use compared to competing products. The unique design of Maxava results from substantial testing and experimentation that has removed complexities of use while retaining robust functionality.

Faster data recovery should be the goal of any disaster recovery software, and Maxava leads with user-friendly design because responsive data recovery largely depends on an intuitive, reliable interface.


Mobile Monitoring with maxView

maxView, integrated into every Maxava software package, enables you to monitor virtually any business process from any mobile devices. With three versions available – Lite, Monitor, and Manager – you can choose the version that best balances your cost and functionality needs.

With maxView, you can easily monitor all of you IBM i system statistics from any browser, desktop, or mobile device with an HTML5 compatible browser. Use it to immediately view real-time system performance information about disk utilization, link failures, replication performance, WRKSYSSTS, WRKACTJOB, ASP utilization, and CPU utilization – all on a graphical interface.


Cloud disaster recovery topology

Maxava Cloud-Replication

As another option, you can also choose to have Maxava replicate your data to any shared (i.e. “vitualized”) IBM i server of your choice, using the Maxava Cloud model. Cloud replication occurs transaction by transaction in real-time, just like replication to a server.


Scalable to Keep Up with Growth

Maxava scales with your growth while adapting to your current level of operation. In essence, you can have an enterprise-quality disaster recovery tool at a budget-conscious cost that meets your business requirements. Contact us for a consultation about which Maxava package will best fit your needs.