Universal Backup Device from LaserVault

Faster, Easier IBM i Backups… Without Tape!


With Universal Backup Device (UBD) from LaserVault you can eliminate daily, manual backups to tape while dramatically speeding and simplifying all of your IBM i, UNIX, AIX, Windows, and Linux backup and restore processes. UBD is a full-featured disk-based backup solution that gives you enterprise-level functionality at an affordable price. Because UBD uses standard backup commands, the transition from using tapes to using UBD for your backups is virtually effortless.

Most backup and recovery experts, including the disaster recovery consultants at IT Solutions Group, recommend using disk for daily on-site backups and limiting tape usage to long-term archival storage. With UBD, your backups are kept as “tape images,” which makes it easy to duplicate onto tape when an offsite archive copy is needed.

Key Features of UBD:

  • Uses standard SAVLIB, SAVOBJ commands, eliminating the need for extensive training
  • Eliminates tape for on-site backups and provides seamless integration with tape for long-term storage
  • Automatically copies to HD Raid, SAN, NAS, or a de-dupe appliance
  • Rapid backup and recovery speeds
  • Includes in-line compression and AES-256 encryption
  • Full system backups are supported
  • Supports backup/recovery of IBM i, Windows, AIX, UNIX, or Linux
  • Available as hardware/software or software-only options
  • Use with LaserVault Replacador to automatically replicate your backups to the Cloud, an offsite location, or an external drive

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