Meet your “IBM Power System i” data’s NEW home away from home

A Near-Zero Data Loss IBM i Disaster Recovery Strategy Is Now Both Possible and Affordable

Library Replication for IBM i

If your company’s disaster recovery solution relies solely on backing up to tape for offsite storage or using a data vault service, your company may not have the IBM i data protection and recovery it needs.  The answer? Library Replication.

ITSG’s Library Replication for IBM Power System i offers a unique and affordable online replication solution for small and mid-sized companies.  This innovative IBM i disaster recovery service fills the gap between offsite tape backup and full-scale high availability.

The features and benefits of ITSG Library Replication include:

♦  Zero to near-zero data loss in the event of a site loss or system failure
♦ 12-hour recovery time objective (RTO)
♦  Real-time replication of data transactions to our highly secured SAEE-16 certified data centers
♦  Immediate, user-initiated recovery
♦  Reliable and easy installation and monitoring
♦  A fixed monthly subscription fee means this unique IBM i disaster recovery solution becomes an operating expense rather than a capital expenditure

Experience peace of mind in the event of a disaster!

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