IBM’s Capacity Backup (CBU) for Power Systems – Another Great HA and DR Incentive

Having a reliable high availability (HA) or disaster recovery (DR) system ensures your business can continue to operate despite a disaster – no matter how big or small. In today’s highly regulated and competitive markets, it’s critical that organizations of every size have a reliable strategy for quickly recovering data and getting back to business. In order to achieve true high availability and disaster recovery you must have a backup system must be able to be accessed reliably. In fact, in the event of an outage or disaster that affects your production system, the second system that contains the backup copy of the data needs to be located in a different building (ideally in a different city) than your production system.

The IBM i Capacity Backup (CBU) offering from IBM lets you purchase that second backup server for your selected high availability or disaster recovery solution without with having to pay for additional IBM licensed program products (LPPs), while only requiring the new purchase of one processor entitlement of IBM i and user entitlements for 720 and below. This can save you thousands in normal IBM iOS and other licensing costs. In addition, IBM will give you a service voucher good for three days of services applied toward the architecture, setup and installation of your new backup or HA infrastructure, which saves you additional money. And if the CBU is purchased in North America, you can also get a rebate of up to $2,500.

How it Works

When you purchase IBM’s PowerHA or Maxava’s High Availability from IT Solutions Group, as well as a CBU machine for your backup server, we’ll work with you to register your CBU with IBM so you can save on license fees and installation services, as well as get your rebate. Keep in mind that the software tier of your primary machine must be equal to or greater than the software tier of your CBU order. Unfortunately, IBM won’t let you designate another machine you already own as a CBU so as to avoid the redundant iOS licensing fees.

Licensing examples, topologies as well as all of the terms and conditions of the Power Systems CBU can be found on IBM’s website at at Of course, you can also give us a call at (888) 223-6741 and we’ll be happy to walk you through all of the details.

Don’t Wait

If your IT shop is like many out there, threats to your business-critical servers are multiplying while IT budgets continue to shrink. With IBM’s CBU offering there’s never been a better time to implement or improve your IT continuity plan for your IBM i servers.