IBM Power HA for IBM i. Can’t beat them, lets “lie by omission”

Ever wonder why the big players in Logical replication are “lying by omission” when it comes to IBM’s Power HA System mirror for i”

Lying by omission:

1:      A person leaves out important information or hide the full truth from others.”

2:    “I didn’t lie; I just didn’t tell you.”

Power HA is:

  1. Easier to manage
  2. Very versatile
  3. Extremely cost effective
  4. IBM supported
  5. On throat to chock



           At ITSG we know the is no “one solution fits all”.  We take the time to understand your environment and educate you so you can make and educated choice on which High Availability solution is best for you company.  We will not “Lie by omission” you will get all the facts, pros and cons of Logical and Hardware replication.

IT Solutions Group is the only IBM Business partner in the WORLD to assist in the re-write of the Redbooks for IBM System Mirror for i represented by Pete Mayhew. This plus years of experience gave Pete Mayhew the unique ability to understand how versatile IBM Power is. We are proud to have Pete on our staff.  Pete is one of the leading architects on Power HA in the world.

IT Solutions is a leading provider of High Availability and Disaster recovery Solutions for the IBM Power System i.