IBM i System Management Services

Don’t have the time or staff to manage and maintain your IBM i systems the way you would like to? Let our team of IBM i experts take care of it for you.

IBM i logical partition (LPAR) and virtualization services

Logical partitions let you use your IBM i in an array of unique ways: no-downtime backup environments, secured environments, different OS environments, software testing, and many others. Put our vast experience of IBM i system and iOS management to work for your company.

IBM iOS Upgrade testing (V7R2)

Worried about how your applications and other IBM i processes will function after an upgrade to V7R2 of iOS? Our experts will implement V7R2 in a test environment on your system and guide you through the process of testing your applications and other essential functions. Click here to learn more.

IBM i installations and upgrades

Many of the members of our services team have installed and upgraded IBM midrange systems since the advent of the AS/400 in 1988. Why struggle and stress when you can have our seasoned experts smoothly, rapidly and economically take care of these processes for you.

PTF Support

Contract with IT Solutions Group to handle the evaluation and implementation of all IBM i PTFs that are essential for your stystem. We stay up to date on all PTFs and we will expertly handle the PTF process for you so you can focus your time on more urgent matters.

IBM i hardware and software Support

IT Solutions Group is proud of its reputation the IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) industry as responding quickly to critical IT issues. Our 24X7 IBM i support staff is ready to rapidly help your team with both hardware and iOS questions and problems.