i-Hosting-i and PowerHA for IBM i

Geographic Mirroring (geomirror) is the host-based replication that comes with the operating system and is typically used with internal disk.  i-Hosting-i with Geomirror is perfect for smaller clients with internal storage.

  • Every business, regardless of size, needs a disaster-recovery/high-availability solution.
  • The PowerHA solution is cost-conscious for SMBs and large enterprises.
  • An i-hosting-i PowerHA implementation is well suited for smaller clients because of its simplicity.
  • PowerHA benefits include higher resiliency, IT operational simplicity and time savings.

ITSG has capitalized on the PowerHA solution that is designed to scale from small to midsized businesses (SMBs).  PowerHA Geographic Mirroring also supports asynchronous replication giving it even greater flexibility.   No matter if the backup system is in the same data center, within a few miles or hundreds of miles from the primary system, PowerHA/Geomirror is an ideal solution.  Power Systems users and IBM PowerHA Geographic Mirroring can free clients from worrying about maintaining a high-availability solution, and it takes just minutes a week to monitor.

PowerHA technology uses shared storage clustering to provide high availability.  The underlying architecture of shared storage clustering is a volume group of disks that can be connected to more than one system. For IBM i, the shared storage is known as an independent auxiliary storage pool (IASP).

A typical IASP implementation can become quit involved and requires extensive testing.  This is a challenge most small businesses may not want be willing to take on. With i-hosting-i and PowerHA, we create the hosted partition in the IASP and PowerHA does the rest.

Benefit of i-Hosting-i

SMB clients with internal storage can take advantage of a unique PowerHA implementation utilizing i-hosting-i technology. In this implementation, the OS runs as a partition hosted by another partition. The OS is placed into a network server storage space, which is created in an IASP. The entire system is replicated to the backup in real time.

“In its most basic form, shared storage clustering is about switching access to the shared disk pool between systems, so if system A goes away, system B takes over the data and production,” says Steven Finnes, Power Systems Product Management, PowerHA.  “The PowerHA basic architectural construct isn’t based on replication—although most of our clients replicate the IASP data. PowerHA is about sharing storage between systems.”

With PowerHA technology, the application is writing data continuously to the pool of shared disks and ownership can be transferred at any time. With one command, production work can be switched from the primary node to the secondary node.

IT Solutions Group, an Advanced IBM Business Partner, implements logical and Hardware replication and can help you determine which HA solution is right for your business and manage the implementation as well.

What could be simpler?  For more information and a personal demo please contact mstaddler@itsolutions-group.com or 847.962.7190

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