High Availability for IBM i

To minimize exposure to downtime and data loss on your IBM i, a high availability solution is essential. With decades of combined experience evaluating, installing and supporting IBM i high availability solutions, you can rely on IT Solutions Group for the right solution, the right training, and knowledgeable, responsive support.

High availability is a state-of-the-art disaster recovery technology in which a duplicate set of business-critical application files resides on a second IBM i machine (ideally located in a separate building – even better, in a separate town) and is automatically kept updated in near-real-time through logical replication and/or hardware replication of transactions. Depending on your requirements you can choose asynchronous replication or synchronous replication.

As changes are made to objects on your production system, these changes are rapidly sent to your backup system (also known as a “target” system). But replicating transactions is only part of the benefits of IBM i high availability. In the event of the loss of your production system, high availability allows a “failover” (sometimes called a role swap or switchover) to be initiated in which your backup IBM i system assumes the role of your production system. This allows your critical applications, processes and people to carry on with business until the production system is repaired and synchronized with the backup system so it can then resume its role as the production system.


High Availability Software and Hardware Offerings

Our veteran IBM i high availability experts have many years of experience with HA technologies. Because of our experience, we recommend, sell and install Maxava and IBM PowerHA. Both of these products offer the most robust, most reliable HA solutions on the market. Please click the links below to learn more about these exceptional HA offerings.


Maxava High Availability for IBM i – Logical replication, virtual server mirroring, clustering failover


PowerHA for IBM i – hardware mirroring, data mirroring, disk mirroring, disk clustering, geographic mirroring and System Mirror for IBM i


High Availability Failover Testing Services

Regardless of the IBM i high availability (HA) solution you have installed on your system, it is essential to perform regular failover tests (also known as a switchover or role swap) to ensure the process works exactly as you expect it to. Our HA teams have extensive experience with every IBM i high availability product on the market and we will capably guide you through the entire testing process to help you ensure that your target HA machine can take over your essential business applications until your production environment is restored.


High Availability Colocation Data Center Offerings

We offer colocation services where you can setup your backup server for HA at one of our two IBM i data centers where we provide remote connectivity, VPN services and more. We also have lease plans where you can utilize a partition on one of our own IBM i servers for your HA target system.

Learn more about our colocation centers on our Data Center page.