Everything You Should Know about High Availability Solutions

If you’re a CEO, president, department head or IT decision maker in an SMB, and you’ve been considering High Availability (HA) hardware, software, and services, you likely have more questions than answers. As you’ve probably learned, it’s a technical world of it’s own, with it’s own principles, acronyms, terms, and concepts. Learning the ins and outs of the HA world can help minimize the potential for surprises in the HA buying and implementation process, and will save you money both short and long term.

There are a variety of issues and challenges you may encounter, each requiring varying degrees of technical knowledge:

* 24-hour uptime

* Target system backups

* Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

* Downtime costs

* Data re-creation costs

* Networking between systems

* Additional license costs

* Business insurance

* Quiescing systems

* Developing and testing a solid role swap plan

To help familiarize IT decision-makers with the world of HA systems on IBM i, ITSG and IBM Systems Magazine Power Systems Edition offer a free on-demand webinar “What You Don’t Know About High Availability That You Need to Know”. In this hour-long session, you’ll learn about:

* Available solutions

* Ancillary benefits of HA

* Effects on Small and Medium Business

* Additional, and sometimes hidden, costs of HA

* Planning an HA implementation

* Challenges associated with HA

After viewing the webinar, you should be better prepared to engage in HA discussions with the stakeholders in your business. To get started, please visit: https://www.itsolutions-group.com/on-demand-video/