IBM i Disaster Recovery Assessment

Receive a No-Cost Disaster Recovery Assessment

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to have one of our seasoned IBM i disaster recovery experts assess your company’s IBM i disaster recovery readiness at no cost. During this assessment, we will review your current DR strategy and related technologies to determine if it will meet your company’s expectations for downtime and data loss. We will then present you with our findings, including specific recommendations to optimize your DR processes and remedy any vulnerabilities that are discovered.

During your multi-point DR assessment, our experts will:

  • Review your current written disaster recovery plan (if one exists).
  • Interview the managers of your IBM i environment by phone or Skype to review your current DR plan, including your company’s data recovery point objective (RPO – how much data your company is willing to lose) and your recovery time objective (RTO – how much downtime your company is willing to endure).
  • Review the health of necessary IBM i system resources, configurations, and 3rd-party software/hardware products that are critical to the successful fulfillment of your current disaster recovery plan.
  • Conduct a follow up meeting by phone or Skype call in which we review with your IT team any vulnerabilities we find in your DR plan and/or system resources. In this call we will provide specific recommendations for resolving these vulnerabilities, and if new software or hardware is recommended, we’ll provide demonstrations of these technologies.

To register for your DR assessment, call 866-487-6581 or use the form below: