Data Center Remote hands:

IT Solutions Group niche has been in the Hosting / Housing / Cloud for the IBM Power System i for 15 Years.  One tip I never see talked about is Remote Hands.

Data Center Remote hands:

A service offered by colocation providers that allows maintenance tasks within a co location facility. This allows the colocation customer to focus on internal tasks within their own organization and prevents them from having to send their own technical staff to a colocation facility.


Touring a Data center is very exciting. You see how Power is provided, Fire suppression and communications works in detail.  Even get to see what makes a Data Center a tier 3 or 4 and understanding what N+1 or N+2 means.

But take a walk through a data center at any given time and they look like a ghost town. As an MSP we can’t be at the data center all the time and frankly it would be very boring.  But remote hands always there 24/7.

Let me start out by introducing DataSite Orlando,  DataSite is where ITSG has called home for in central Florida for the last 12 years. DataSite remote hands are the best of the best and second to none.  For example, we had a failed disk drive on Thanksgiving day.  I opened a ticked and DataSite Technician was in the cage within 5 minutes.  Replaced the drive we were rebuilding Parity in 13 minutes.   The week of Jan 6th 2020 an alert came in on a failed dive for a SAN. Again opened at ticket at 12:36.   By 12:43 Remote hands accesses the cage and we were rebuilding the dive by 12:49.


Remote hand should be high on everyone’s priority list when selecting a data center.  Always get references on remote hands.