Are You Ready for PowerHA?

When it comes to high availability solutions for small and medium business, one of the most advanced solutions is PowerHA on IBM i. The reasons for the popularity of the solution are plentiful, yet some organizations still believe it is too complex for their needs. The truth is that PowerHA systems are simple to manage than previous HA solutions, especially with the help of an experienced solutions implementer like IT Solutions Group, Inc.

One of the key differences is in logical replication for backup. PowerHA technology uses shared storage clustering with the PowerHA SystemMirror, a volume group of disks connected to multiple systems known as an independent auxiliary storage pool (IASP).  “In its most basic form, shared storage clustering is about switching access to the shared disk pool between systems, so if system A goes away, system B takes over the data and production.” That means production work can be switched between nodes with one command. Simple.

The PowerHA solution relieves IT of having to perform a logical replication by facilitating hardware-based replication, saving hours a week in replication management. With the IASP, the data is replicated in real time with as little as 10 minutes a week required to monitor the system. PowerHA technology makes data synching simple as well, by keeping the primary and secondary systems in sync at the storage level.

HA Made Simple

What could be simpler than a system that is largely self-managing? By building storage and/or replicated storage cluster topology, failover and on-demand role swap operations to another node are completely automated. Outages are quickly turned around, whether planned or unplanned.  See City of St Charles case study on PowerHA

The time and costs associated with logical replication can be significant, regardless of the size of the business. PowerHA systems are also more resilient, and more reliable. The reduction in the need for human intervention reduces the probability for error, while freeing up IT staff to work on more productive projects.

If achieving high availability in your organization requires logical replication, it’s time to take a closer look at PowerHA for IBM i.  IT Solutions Group, an Advanced  IBM Business Partner, can help determine which HA solution is right for your business and manage the implementation as well. Once you’re up and running on PowerHA, your systems management worries will be a thing of the past.  We find that our clients are very pleased when they realize what they can do and what they don’t have to do with PowerHA implementations.”

What could be simpler?